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English Lessons

Group lessons & at home tuition by qualified and experienced teachers

English Lessons: Welcome
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What it is

Not everyone can ignore the multitude of benefits from focused study of a language, and with this in mind we are now offering English lessons. We provide qualified English teachers, who will prepare their students for their academic or professional objectives.

English Lessons: Mission


Playing, creating and exploring are our favorite ways to learn language. Sign up for speaking and reading lessons at home or in groups.

Homework Help

In order to improve upon your academic objectives, whether it's getting better grades or reaching for the next Cambridge level, we have you covered.


There's no pressure here. Lessons are delivered in a personalized program that works towards your objectives.

Business Language Lessons

Individual or private group lessons tailored to communicating effectively in a professional setting.

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English Lessons: Our Programs

Children will have lessons that prepare them for entry into primary and secondary schools from teachers that have excellent knowledge of the process, while older students preparing for the world of university and work will have tuition focused on these objectives.

Our teachers also teach a growing number of adults. The reasons for wanting to improve English are numerous, so many people are looking to improve (or maintain) a competent level of communication in English. 

English Lessons: Mission

Tuition Fees for Qualified Teachers

Mates Rates

All Ages

10 Hours for 4 People: 560€

(Only 14€ Per Person Per Hour)

*Limited Time Offer

Exam Prep

All Exams - All Levels

5 Hours: 145€

Ace your English exams with our intensive course!

Refresher Course


10 Hours: 155

*7 Group Sessions 

*Speaking & Pronunciation

*Continuous Support

Study & Fun

Learning is fun and simple. Ignite your curiosity and Unleash your potential!

Private At Home Tuition


Monthly (1hr/Week): 120€

10 Hour Pack: 300€

15 Hour Pack: 420€

Private At Home Tuition


Monthly (1hr/Week): 128€

10 Hour Pack: 320€

15 Hour Pack: 450€

Group Lessons

Ages 3 - 16

Monthly (1hr/Week): 55€

Materials: 25€

*Max 6 per group

*Groups by age & level

*Subject to availability

Group Lessons

Ages 16+

Monthly (1hr/Week): 70€

Materials: 25

*Max 6 per group

*Groups by age & level

*Subject to availability

English Lessons: Price List

How it works

Group lessons are organized based on level and age, and are generally focused on speaking and reading. Private at home tuition uses a slightly different approach, as it is always going to be tailored to the specific needs of the individual.

Lessons are taught at your home, or provided in group sessions in Arinsal, whichever your preference, and are scheduled at your convenience during weekdays and evenings. And if availability permits it, you can choose to start the lessons whenever you wish.

Did you know we have special discounts for those who are also signed up for Wild Isards camps? Now you can join us for both study and fun!

Get started now and use the form below to begin your language journey.

English Lessons: Mission

Contact Us

If you prefer to talk with us first, please don’t hesitate to call us. We are available to receive your call Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 19:30; and Saturday 10:00 to 14:30...
or you can simply complete the form below and we will select a teacher who matches your requirements.

Thanks for submitting!

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