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About Us

Wild Isards is a new concept for learning and improving English in Arinsal, La Massana: camps for everyone and for every occasion; and learning English through play, activities, creativity and the great outdoors.

We offer a variety of camps and workshops in English, which allows us to create a fun and relaxed environment and ensure that we have the best opportunity for the children to absorb as much English as possible.

With over 20 years experience in education, we have many tricks up our sleeves.


Activity Camps and Workshops



Sundays, 16h - 17.30

Craft workshops at Wild Isards are all about fun and creativity, and are taught with an attitude of experimentation and encouragement. Inspiration can be found everywhere so we will never run out of crafting ideas!

🧵 5 + 19 December ⛄
🧶 16 + 23 January 🎨
🐻‍❄️ 13 + 27 February ☃️

❄️ 13 + 20 March ❄️

Christmas Weekend Camp

11 & 12 December

Get into the Christmas spirit with the Wild Isards. Making decorations to take home, sharing stories to bring the spirit of Christmas alive, and plenty of fun and games in the snow.

Snow Much Fun Camp

3 - 5 January

An unforgettable experience awaits with tons of fun in the snow. Building snowmen and snow bunnies, friendly snowball fights, and some warm hot chocolate are just some of the highlights we're looking forward to.

Copy of Kid.png

Carnival Craziness Camp

March 1 - 4

4 action packed days filled with fun, adventure and creativity. Come celebrate Carnival with the Wild Isards. We can't wait to see the children's imagination at work when they come in costumes of their choosing.

Wild Isards Kidz

Create & Ski

January to March

There are so many ways to enjoy a snowy mountain. It's about more than the excitement of sliding down the hill and making that perfect turn. Wild Isards Kidz is a program made to inspire a passion for winter that will last a lifetime.

Wild Isards Birthday Bash

Coming soon!!

Are you interested in celebrating a birthday Wild Isards style? Crafty sessions, fun activities and crazy games. We are already hard at work creating something to make this and other private events possible. Stay tuned!


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News and Updates

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As we fall into this color changing season that is autumn, we have published our first newsletter. We tell you about our new Wild Isards Family cards, share some ideas about learning English, and more. 

Wild Isards Has Arrived!

You may not have heard of us yet, but that's only because we're just getting warmed up. There is so much we want to organize, but never enough time to do it all.

If you think, like we do, that making friendships, playing outside, and creating memories that will last a lifetime are the best ways to learn a language... Then I don't doubt you'll be hearing more about Wild Isards.


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